Former DPS school teacher could become Supreme Court nominee

By: Allen Martin

President Barack Obama is considering Ann Claire Williams, a former third-grade Detroit Public Schools teacher, as his next Supreme Court nominee. I was intrigued by this article because it brings the very essence of localization to life. Here you have a national story with a local twist to it. The article also caught my attention because I used to attend Detroit Public Schools during my elementary school days and it would be great to see a teacher from where I’m from make it to our Supreme Court.

Williams is from Detroit and has attended Wayne State University and University of Michigan. She also attended the University of Notre Dame to acquire her law degree. Adding to her impressive list of accomplishments, Williams has served as a U.S. attorney and federal U.S. district court judge in Chicago.

I love how the article adds a homely feel by talking about how when she a small child she wanted to become a Motown star, at times breaking out in song. Hearing about her possible nomination is exciting to me because it shows kids in my town that you can make something of yourself, no matter where your from.

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