New iPhone?

I found this article a couple days ago after a friend had simply tweeted “Someone is getting fired at Apple today. Nice work.” This of course got me curious so I had asked him and he sent me the link to this story.

Someone that works at Apple, who I later found out to be was Apple engineer Gray Powell, had left the newest version of the iPhone at some bar in San Jose. Somehow a technology blog called Engadet got the device and then put pictures all over the web. After this happened Gizmado, another tech website, somehow got ahold of the mystery device and thinking it was fake decided to take it apart as if it were “a little green alien from another planet.” They now have a review of the device on their website.

After some thinking that this device was a fake John Gruber, a blogger that mainly concentrates on Apple products called them and it turns out the device is real and that Apple wants it back.

Needless to say I would not want to be Powell right now. I would consider moving very far away.


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