Clausen Catastrophe

by Craig Ebinger

The NFL Draft started on Thursday with the first round selections.  Sam Bradford, as expected by many, went first to the Rams followed by Ndamukong Suh going to the Lions.  Many big names went, even Tim Tebow who went No. 25 to the Broncos.  There was one person though who was probably glad he turned down the invitation to attend the draft, as he would have needed to get a second suit for Friday.

Jimmy Clausen, quarterback out of Notre Dame, was not selected until halfway through the second round.  Some mock drafts had him going as high as No. 4, to the Redskins (of course this being before they traded for Donovan McNabb).  Even after the trade, many experts saw him going in the top-10, to a team like the Browns, Seahawks, Raiders or Bills.  But no, he had to wait until the Panthers selected him with the 48th overall pick.

What probably hurts the most is his wallet.  Had he gone where he was largely expected to go, as in the lower-end of the top-10 selections, he would have been guaranteed $22.6 million.  Now, he is only guaranteed $2.6 million.  Talk about a free-fall.


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