Love in a Mix Tape

Love In a Mix Tape is a book by Rob Sheffield, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. I found the book by chance at Urban Outfitters for $4. Personally, I would have paid a lot more for such a good read.

The story is his own with a twist. Throughout his life, Sheffield had made many mixtapes. They’ve guided him through the years each telling their own unique tale of the point in life that he is in. He begins each new chapter with a track list of a mixtape.

Personally, I found this to be the greatest, most unique trait of any book I have ever read. Mix making is a great hobby of mine. A good friend from back home gives me mix assignments occasionally and I will make a cd based on different emotions, or topics depdending on what he says. Currently I am working on my funeral mix. (I have been for a few years.)

The story is not as idealistic as the title may suggest. It follows his relationship with a woman named Renee. It follows the trials and tribulations that make up the soundtrack to their lives.

I recommend it for everyone.

By Mo Hnatiuk


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