A Complex Change

I’m not sure if I completely understood this multimedia assignment, but my first one is a recap of our first story. I wrote about the Brody Complex water main updates, focusing mainly on the fact that the complex will be switching to East Lansing’s water supply system.

The move is not expected to cost the university more money than it already pays (more than $17,000 per year) for water supplied to the complex from its own system. MSU and city officials will be hashing things out regarding costs.

A newer development is the fact that it could net the city about $2.2 million. East Lansing’s water supply system is not expected to be overloaded as a result of having to supply water to the complex, said Todd Sneathen, the city’s director of public works, which operates the supply system.

As Brody’s water supply and softening equipment have not been updated in the 50+ years since they were installed, MSU officials said the project eventually will pay off because the $2 million being used to pay for new equipment is less than money spent over the years on repairs to the current system.

I made a video, which is pretty god-awful. But do enjoy.

By Zane McMillin


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