Cam Fowler, 2010 NHL Draft #3 pick

By: Sam Schmitt

I did my localization story about the 2010 NHL Draft with a focus on 17-year-old Cam Fowler.

Fowler and I went to middle school together and spent one year at the same high school before he moved to Ann Arbor to play in the U.S. National Development Program for Team USA. For this reason, this story was extremely interesting and really fun to write.

I got to speak with a young man who has been invited to the 2010 NHL Draft. It was intriguing to listen to Fowler talk about his life and how he got as far as he has.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy. Painful, really. Over the years he has broken a thumb and ankle, sustained a concussion and sprained his back.

Even throughout that, Fowler has managed to become the third overall draft pick. The Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightening all have their eyes on him.

Although Fowler is excited for the opportunity to play in the NHL, he is not completely looking forward to leaving Michigan because his friends and family are here.

Fowler is not one to jump into the spotlight. He is aware of his talent but doesn’t brag about it. He is a genuine, nice guy. Watch for him in the NHL this year!

I was unable to personally take photos of Cam, but here are a few I found.

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