Dragons? Swords? What more could a kid ask for?

Being surrounded by screaming children isn’t exactly my cup of tea so when I decided that I was going to go to the East Lansing Public Library’s Annual Dragon Faire I was a little aprehensive when I arrived to about 285 yelling children, and parents.

The Mistro

But when the show began I’ve never heard a group of children get quiet that quickly. The Mistro, Christopher Barbeau, started telling stories about what they, the Ring of Steel Action Theatre, do and most importantly how they stay safe when they do fight with swords.

“We are masters of the sword and have six layers of safety,” said Barbeau.

After Barbeau went on to talk about the six layers of safety and how each move has a number the actually fighting began.

Members came out in groups of twos and fought, yelling out number sequences along the way. The group fought with all types of swords, they have over 2,000 different swords, and some even used wipes to show off the diverse skills that they have.

The best part about all of these acts is that they made swords fighting, which some kids may consider scary, to be funny.

As members fought each other they cracked jokes, always saying that the women win, and brought a real sense that these people love what they’re doing. They had so much passion and skill that children were lining up after to talk to them and dragging their parents to sign them up for summer workshops.

As I said earlier I’m not a fan of screaming children but if I had been one of these kids I can honestly say that I would have been the one sitting in the front row taking it all in and probably trying to touch the sword.

-Dana Casadei


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