Speed Networking-Blog Spinoff

By Lindsay Nowak

I never knew what the CAS Speed Networking Event was all about, until I covered it for our first article this semester.

It was super exciting to see business professionals there from every business you could think of from video game design, and public relations to advertising and sales. It really was an event that every student would benefit from.

Not only that, since it’s based off of actual “speed dating” it gave students a chance to mingle with professionals doing the jobs they hope to do one day, and in a fast-paced instant networking environment.

Karin Hanson, Field Career Consultant from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, said this year there was an 8 percent increase in professional participation, and a 14 percent increase in student participation from previous years. She also said that at this point, they aren’t looking to increase participation past this level because the matching program they have for pairing up the students with professionals for their five minutes of networking wouldn’t be effective with too large of numbers.  

Many students benefited from this event by finding a summer internship or even a job. Hanson said this year Stryker Instruments participated for the first time. They met with wonderful students and decided to conduct a “Day at Stryker” for the five students they met as a method for recruiting them for a summer internship. It’s exciting because they have never offered these internships in the past.

This fast-paced event was filled with so many valuable resources that I know this is definitely something I will be involved in next year. You can also check out the video I made about the event!


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