MSU Greenpeace

By: Allen Martin

The MSU Greenpeace organization is focused towards helping our environment, while placing an emphasis on climate change. The organization consists of about 20 students who fully believe in environmental preservation, especially when discussing

A few members of MSU Greenpeace

the MSU campus. The students have been known to push the envelop when it comes to their methods of action, but they get their point across quite well.

Greenpeace actually was so persistent in their efforts that they caught of the attention of MSU’s vice president for finance and operations and treasurer, Fred Poston. Greenpeace protested against the MSU coal plant on April 1st, dubbing the event “Fossil Fool’s Day.” At the conclusion of the event, Poston agreed to meet with the organization due to their request.

Poston and Greenpeace will be meeting later on this week to discuss the environmental effects of the coal plant on the community. Possible initiatives that can be enacted to make the university “greener” will also be deliberated. Greenpeace wants MSU to eventually become coal free and in order for the organization to be completely comfortable with the issue, Greenpeace wants to know exactly how long it will take for this to happen. We’ll just have to see how the meeting turns out.

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