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Getting Ready For Graduation

EAST LANSING- Looking for a reason to give your mind, body and spirit a makeover? GRADUATION is the perfect excuse!

For many MSU students, Douglas J on Grand River is the place to hit before the big day. You’re going to be in the spotlight crossing a stage to get your diploma in front of a thousand plus people; why not look your best?

Typically, Douglas J gets 75-80 appointments on an average day, but when the month of May starts looming and the smell of graduation is in the air, they get upwards of 120 appointments per day.

Students come from all parts of campus and East Lansing to get their hair cut, colored, curled or styled. They also come for massages, manicures and pedicures.

Yes, they get very busy, but everyone at Douglas J wants you to come and have a great time relaxing after finals!

Douglas J student and stylist Kristi Skinner enjoys the busy work schedules. “We get a chance to do updos, make-up, nails- the whole package. It’s stuff that we don’t usually get to do all at once, so it is kind of a vacation from just cutting and coloring hair everyday,” Skinner said.

Think salons are just for the ladies? According to Brandon Fitzgerald, Douglas J key holder, men come in just as frequent-if not more- than women, especially when graduation is approaching.

Why not get yourself looking good before you put on those robes and take the next big leap as a Spartan?

Getting Ready for Graduation


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Syndicate: a local band with a lot to say

The Hometown Rock Crown was held at The Loft in Lansing on Feb. 12. Six bands competed for $1,000, studio time and airplay with 97.5 FM. The battle was intense, but only one could walk away with the crown. Unfortunately that was not Syndicate. The local band from Davison took third place, leaving with an extra $200 in their pockets.

Sure, the Hometown Rock Crown would have been a nice addition to their list of accomplishments, but an interview with the band following the concert proved they weren’t simply in it to win; they were there about the music. Their passion and love for a crowded hall was made quite clear to this journalist.

The band includes Eric Quimby, lead singer and guitar; Pat Jenkinson, lead guitar and backup vocal; Chris Keller, bass guitar and rap artist; Brandon Mansell, keyboardist; and Jake Rathbun, drums.

Syndicate formed in Davison, Michigan, just 45 minutes outside of Flint. While they are relatively knew and have been performing for a few months they have a large group of followers from their hometown and then some. With 1,500 Facebook friends and counting, the band is spreading their sound from the small suburban town.

They’ve been performing all over the state, most recently the Machine Shop in the 810.

Though the Hometown Rock Crown was a loss for them, the interviews afterward may prove to be beneficial. Read this journalist’s interview with a band dubbed as “third place” who can easily take first place when trying to win your hearts.

Read on for the full interview with the guys.

Mo Hnatiuk: “So tell me, why the name ‘Syndicate’?

Keller: “595.”

MH: “Huh?”

Quimby: “Let the music speak for itself. Everyone will say they have the best music out there. What Syndicate has is something relatable. We’re not afraid to be mainstream and we’re not aftraid to try different things, too.”

Quimby: “Chris, be quiet. Syndicate. We wanted something identifiable. It had a good connotation to us. Dictionary-wise it can be taken two ways, but for us, syndicate means the act of coming together for a common goal. It is the idea of what a band is. It’s important that we show that with every performance.” 

MH: “That’s really cool, but what’s with ‘595?'”

Keller: (laughs) It’s what the name was supposed to be!

MH: I have to hear this.

Keller: “Five dollars and ninety-five cents. That’s the price you pay for the buffet at Empire Wok- the best Chinese place ever.”

Mansell: “Syndicate is what Eric wanted, and Chris really wanted 595. So, we all went bowling and if Chris got a higher score the name was his choice and if Eric won then he got it. Chris won, but it still became Syndicate.” 

MH: “That’s definitely a story. How did you guys form?”

Keller: “We met by fate.” (the group laughs) Really though, Eric had just come back from California, and one day he, Mansell, and I started jamming in his basement and decided that we definitely had a good thing in our midst.”

Quimby: “Jake told me once in high school that if I ever needed a drummer he was my guy, so I took him up on that offer. Pat came with Jake, which was the best two for one deal we’ve ever gotten.”

MH: “Right on. So, I hate to do this, but who do you guys sound like?”

Keller, Mansell, Rathbun, Jenkinson: “Matchbox 20!”

Rathbun: “Eric loves Matchbox 20.”

Quimby: “I can’t deny it, but we have different sounds, too! Maroon 5. John Mayer. We’ve even been told we sound like The Fray-sans piano.”

Mansell: All of our songs sound pretty different. “The Breakdown” has a sort of Creedance Clearwater Revival-ish twang to it. “Hypnotize” is kind of a funky, 70s rock vibe- only more updated.”

Jenkinson: ““Back to Yesterday” is the one that sounds most like John Mayer. Maybe John Mayer mixed with Coldplay. It’s anthemic rock, anthem rock, stadium rock, written for large audiences. Like U2!”

Mansell: “Slow It Down” is our rock, love song.

Keller: We have a pop rock song called “Crazy Tonight.” It’s a party song without saying party.”

Quimby: “Party and love are words we avoid.”

Keller: “And if you think all of our songs sound the same you are a liar. Eric changes the word to every song every time we perform.” (group laughs)

MH: “What makes you guys better than all of the other bands out there?”

Rathbun: “We have Eric.”

Mansell: “We don’t think we’re better. A lot of groups in music right now- when they get together it’s for different reasons. The money. We do it because we have fun.”

MH: “Honestly, no one wants it for the fame?”

Quimby: “Fame. It would be nice, right? But not just because everyone knows you or because you’re making lots of money. It’s because I would get to play music every single day for the rest of my life. It’s all I want. It’s all we want.”

MH: “How do you feel about the outcome of the Hometown Rock Crown?”

Mansell: “So what. We didn’t win, but it was the opportunity to play in front of a crowd.”

Quimby: “Those nights you realize how important your friends and your fans are. You’re only as good as your fan base.”

Jenkinson: “Our fans definitely won that first round for us.”

Quimby: “Our fans win everything for us.”

Keller: “Including our hearts.”

MH: “Tell me why everyone should listen to you.”

Rathbun: “Just listen!”

Jenkinson: ““We’re not like other bands where you sit down and wonder why they’re playing.”

Mansell: “We’re never the same. We switch up the ways we play songs. Our recordings sound different than how we play it.”

Keller: “We just jam. We’re all friends. We have a good time making some good sounds. It’s a genre, everyone likes. We’re identifiable.”

Quimby:  “Let the music speak for itself. Everyone will say they have the best music out there. We have something relatable. We’re not afraid to be mainstream and we’re not aftraid to try different things, too.”

Sound like your kind of band? You haven’t missed your chance, East Lansing! Syndicate is back at the Loft! The lineup includes Roll Over Radio, 10 to Impact, Syndicate, and The Outer Vibe(the Hometown Rock Crown winner of last year.) Tickets are only $5!

So if you are interested in an extremely talented group of guys that are genuine in intent (and not terrible looking either!)? Visit their web page, their Facebook page, and coming soon on Twitter!

Syndicate at The Loft

By Mo Hnatiuk

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Love in a Mix Tape

Love In a Mix Tape is a book by Rob Sheffield, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. I found the book by chance at Urban Outfitters for $4. Personally, I would have paid a lot more for such a good read.

The story is his own with a twist. Throughout his life, Sheffield had made many mixtapes. They’ve guided him through the years each telling their own unique tale of the point in life that he is in. He begins each new chapter with a track list of a mixtape.

Personally, I found this to be the greatest, most unique trait of any book I have ever read. Mix making is a great hobby of mine. A good friend from back home gives me mix assignments occasionally and I will make a cd based on different emotions, or topics depdending on what he says. Currently I am working on my funeral mix. (I have been for a few years.)

The story is not as idealistic as the title may suggest. It follows his relationship with a woman named Renee. It follows the trials and tribulations that make up the soundtrack to their lives.

I recommend it for everyone.

By Mo Hnatiuk

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Weekly Budget 4/20/2010

State News

By Mo Hnatiuk

DETROIT– Federal court officials have finally released the audio tape of the rallying speech that Brian David Stone, convicted member of the Hutaree, gave  to gain support from other militias for his plan to start a war with government officials. Detroit News says “in a high-pitched voice, Stone launches into his speech, complete with poor grammar.” He makes many references to the government as a “New World Order.” Also, group photos of the Hutaree have been released showing 8 members that were never indicted.

DETROIT– The Detroit Public School district has targeted 44 schools for closure as part of a $1 billion restructuring plan. Among those schools are eight facilities that cater to students with special needs. The district plans to build a new central center for students with the most severe disabilities, while other students will receive renovated buildings or be moved to newer buildings that are better equipped to serve them.

By Samantha Scheltema

Detroit – Demolition of an abandoned house was halted after more evidence may have been uncovered on the murder of Matthew Landry. Landry’s body was found in the house last summer. Landry’s family decided to search the house near Seven Mile and Hayes on their own and found something that appeared to be a bullet lodged in an outer wall. They alerted authorities immediately. Ihab Maslamani was charged with Landry’s death. His attorney said now the death may not be linked to him because the bullet may not be the same as Maslmani’s gun.

Romulus – Icelandic volcanic ash blowing toward Europe has stranded many travelers at Detroit Metro International Airport. Some have been stranded for four days so far. 16 international flights, half coming in, half going out, have been canceled. Some travelers were fine with it, some have been unhappy. Some travelers found alternative flights into Europe to get to their destinations.

MSU News


By Lindsay Nowak

EAST LANSING– MSU graduation will officially be “going green” this year as graduates walk across the stage on May 7-9. The graduating class this semester will be the first class to try out the new “green gowns” made from 12 20-ounce plastic bottles as well as caps made from one 20-ounce plastic bottle. The graduates will receive a diploma made from recycled paper. Commencement programs will be printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper as well. The university also switched from paper invitations being sent out, to nearly 8,000 electronic invitations.

EAST LANSING–  With Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, MSU’s Office of Campus Sustainability will be honoring units on campus that earned Green Certification by demonstrating the best practices for sustainability. They will also be awarding “sustainability champions” that are faculty, staff, students, and alumni for their efforts around MSU’s campus.

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Pulitzer Prize Cartoonist

Mark Fiore is an editorial cartoonist who creates political cartoons from an undisclosed location in San Francisco. His work appears regularly in a wide variety of online news web sites. I felt like he efficiently utilizes his multimedia skills with every cartoon he illustrates. Not only are the editorial cartoons informative, but they are visually capitvating and interesting, which is what many web surfers are looking for.

Today is an age where even well-written articles are overlooked, simply because society looks for an easier way to get their news. They want videos that play with the click of a button.

Though, with an age so driven by visual entertainment on the internet, the content in these videos must also be easily grasped and understood. Mark Fiore does all of that–and then some.

Not only are the cartoons well-crafted artistically, but the scrfipts behind them are EXTREMELY well written. The voice overs are well fitting and the sound effects create the perfect scene. The animations tackle hard topics with a sense of humor and deliver your “NEWS in a NUTSHELL.”

As a side note, everyone should watch “Un-gay.” Hilarious!

By Mo Hnatiuk

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Weekly News Budget FINALITY 4/12/2010

By: Brittany McCallum

Slug: Film credit

Granholm praises film credit incentive

Two years after the debut of Michigan’s film incentive program, Gov. Jennifer Granholm praised the program’s success in her weekly radio address.The film incentive program, which grants film producers a refundable tax credit of up to 42 percent of production expenses, was signed into law by Granholm in April 2008.

Slug: Health care

Health care politics spills into state elections

-LANSING – A yearlong raucous scuffle between Republicans and Democrats led to last month’s narrow passage of health care reform in Congress. But in a more surprising development, the war over health care has spilled over into the state’s gubernatorial race – among politicians who had nothing to do with passing the national legislation.Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, a Republican candidate for governor, has defied Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm in joining a national lawsuit to block reform, and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has blasted challenger House Speaker Andy Dillon, a Democrat, claiming he has had lukewarm support for the reform.

By: Nick Bryant

They walk among us: 1 in 5 believe in aliens?

ALIENS- A Reuters survey shows that 20% of people believe that aliens are in our midst disguised as humans. The majority of this 20% are under the age of 35 and are male. In China and India over 40% of people believe this to be true. In Belgium, Sweden, and the Netherlands, only 8% of the population believe that aliens live among us.

Iowan ready for Prom with gum wrapper dress

GUM WRAPPER DRESS- High school junior Elizabeth Rasmuson made a dress for herself and a vest for her boyfriend, Jordan Weaver out of blue and white wrappers from Wrigley’s “5 gum.” They plan on wearing these to prom. They were inspired by a girl whomade a dress out of duct tape. They’ve been saving wrappers since last August.

By: Mo Hnatiuk

FARMINGTON HILLS- A road rage incident Monday escalated into a shooting that left one man injured after the suspect said he worried the victim was going to spit on him, according to a bystander who held the man until police arrived. The incident occured while arguing over a traffic incident; the suspect who shot the victim was ‘tailgating’ the victim. The victim received non-life threatening injuries, while the suspect is in custody.

From The Detroit News

DETROIT-While an individual was cleaning a backyard in Detroit Sunday afternoon, they discovered a bone. Police are currently waiting while  the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office determines if it is a human bone or a dog bone.

From the Free Press

By: Lindsay Nowak

MSU– Brian Breslin, whose dad (Jack Breslin) the Breslin Center is named after, is seeking the Republican nomination for the MSU Board of Trustees.  He will be campaining to maintain affordable tuition, and to enhance research at MSU. Breslin is one of three other Republicans running, which include Trustee Don Nugent, and Mitch Lyons.

MSU– MSU researchers have found many state teachers are not qualified to meet the needs of students with autisim disorders. MSU education professor Sharif Shakrani wants universities across the country to know this is an area that needs attention. On Saturday, the ASD-Michigan project showed data that there is definite room for improvement.

By: Allen Martin

Story Slug: MSU Record

MSU – From 11:20am Saturday to 12:37am  Sunday 152 players participated in a soccer game at Spartan Village in order to break the Guinness World Record ro teh most players in a soccer exhibition match. The record was demolished! Previously the record stood at 50 players. The event was put together by the McGlobe International Club, which is a club geared toward domestic and international students in McDonel Hall.

Story Slug: Slaries

MSU – MSU Faculty salaries have increased for the 2009-10 academic school year. They are now higher than the national average and higher than most Big Ten Universities. MSU has moved from ninth to seventh place in faculty salary averages in 2009-10. This shows an average of $97, 452. As far as faculty compensation is concerned, MSU moved from fifth to fourth place, averaging $130,190 in total benefits.

By: Taylor Benson and Annie Perry

Dixie Carter Dies From Cancer Complications

April 12–Actress Dixie Carter, best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on the TV show “Designing Women,” has died on Saturday. The death was reported by her agent. The actress was 70. She suffered from endometrial cancer, which is cancer of the tissue lining the uterus. Her death has been a “huge blow” to her family.

“Survivor” Producer Detained in Wife’s Death

April 8– The wife of the American television producer was found dead in a Cancun hotel on the morning of April 8. Bruce Beresford-Redman, the former producer of the reality television show “Survivor” was detained as a suspect in his wife, Monica Beresford-Redman’s, death. Her body was found in a sewer on the grounds of Cancun’s Moon Palace. Her husband reported her missing on Tuesday.

Conan Shocker! O’Brien Disses Fox, Heads to TBS

April 12– Instead of moving to Fox as reports had assumed, Conan O’Brien will be hosting a late-night show on TBS. O’Brien’s new show will air Monday-Thursday at 11 p.m., pushing George Lopez‘s Lopez Tonight back to midnight. The exact debut date has not been released, but it is expected to be in November.

Vatican makes peace with the Beatles

April 12– The Vatican has finally made peace with the Beatles, saying their drug use, uninhibited lives and the claim that the band was bigger than Jesus are in the past. Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore said the band’s wrongdoings seem “distant and meaningless,” and their melodies “live on like precious jewels.”

By: Lauren M.

POLAND – Polish President Lech Kaczynski died Saturday in a plane crash in western Russia along with many other top Polish officials on their way to a remembrance ceremony commemorating the Soviet massacre of more than 20,000 in the ’40s Heavy fog contributed to the crash and 96 total people are estimated dead. Many bills were waiting on Kaczynski to sign and the political landscape will be dramatically changed. The people of Poland are currently participating in many remembrance ceremonies.

Story here.

GREECE – Greek will receive a loan of up to 30 billion Euros at very low rates to bail out its struggling economy after 16 nations of the EU came together Sunday to make an official offer. Heads of the involved government still have to come together to sign the deal before it is finalized. The interest rate is to be about 5 percent for a three-year loan, which is more than what is charged by the I.M.F. I.M.F funding will also be made available to Greece.

Story here.

by Craig Ebinger

Phil Mickelson won the Masters on Sunday. This was the third time he won the green jacket,becoming the eighth player to have at least three Masters titles.  He went 16 under for the tournament, the best winning score at the Masters since Tiger Woods’ score in 2001.  Woods finished tied in fourth place at 11 under in his first tournament back since the sex scandal.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged after a college student accused him of sexually assaulting her last month.  Her accusations could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt.  He will still meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sometime later this week to determine if he will face any punishment in terms of suspensions or fines.

By: Sam Schmitt

New YorkSantonio Holmes, the Jets’ new wide receiver, was suspended Monday for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He will receive no pay and will not be allowed to play in the first four games of the regular season. This is the third year in a row that the Jets will start their season without a key player because of a suspension.

New York – Today at 12:30 p.m., the Yankees will receive their 2009 World Series rings.

By Samantha Scheltema

Detroit — Members of the Hutaree militia allegedly want to break 25-year-old Adrian man, Jason Priest, out of jail. He was sentenced to nine years in prison March 5 for being a felon in possession of firearms and suspected of making a bomb. Priest’s record includes a jail sentence for possessing explosives with intent to terrorize. Hutaree members David Stone Sr. and his son Joshua had visited him from time to time. Hutaree members had planned to kill a police officer, then use explosives to attack a funeral procession containing scores of mourning officers.

Orion Township – Norma Lira will spend the next two years in prison for one third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a 13-year-old friend of her daughter. She had pleaded no contest to sexual conduct. The incident happened between August and October of 2009 in Lira’s home. She had been lodged at the Oakland County Jail since Jan. 26. She did not have a criminal record before this incident.

By: Dana Casadei

Tweeter with Fees

Twitter is now trying to make money by allowing people to bid on key words to give their post top rankings. It will be called TweetUp and it will be reveled next Monday by Bill Gross, “the serial entrepreneur who pioneered search advertising.” What will happen is people will be able to bid on a word or phrase, like iTouch, with the bids beginning at 1 cent and people will have to pay each time their profile or a post shows up in a search.

Microsoft Now Making Phones

The two phones, Kin One and Kin Two, are going to allow users to get easy connection with websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Instead of having traditional menus they will consist of photos from friends with notes saying what they are doing. The phones are suppose to come out in May and will be sold by Verizon Wireless.

By: Laura Riess

Ukraine in ‘uranium pledge’ at U.S. nuclear summit

slug: nuclear summit

President Obama met with representatives of 46 other countries at Nuclear Summit in Washington. Ukraine has pledged to get rid of its uranium stockpile by 2012, and China has agreed to join the U.S. in pressuring Iran about its atomic plans.

Poland in Mourning

slug: Polish president dead

Polish president Lech Kaczynski killed in plane crash on Saturday in Russia. 95 others were killed, including the Polish first lady and many high-ranking government officials. Russian preliminary investigations point toward possible pilot error, although fog and the plane’s age – 20 years – are also of consideration.

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State News Budget

MEDICINAL MARIJUANA Matthew Watkins, 17-year-old Michigan native, is fighting brain cancer. With chemotherapy and radiation Matthew suffers weight loss, anxiety and headaches. When their oncologist mentioned medicinal Marijuana, his mother was hesitant. Many physicians are also hesitant despite the new and innovative law, which allows any physician licensed in Michigan to certify a patient. Still, Matthew’s mother was desperate to try anything. Since beginning the treatment, Matthew has gained all of his weight back and the marijuana has helped ease his headaches.

By Mo Hnatiuk

MICHIGAN “TRYING NEW THINGS”– Michigan could recover faster than the U.S. economy since it’s been down so long and is more ready for change. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has proposed a plan that would encourage 7,000 state government workers and 39,000 public school employees into retirement to address a state budget crisis. Other proposals are being put out there as well as other actions to improve Michigan economy.

By Samantha Scheltema

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