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Who’s your Tiger?

By: Sam Schmitt

I thought I could come up with something better, and more fun, than any of my in-class stories for the second multimedia project, so I did.

I went to my high school’s varsity baseball game and took some photos throughout it. After the game, I questioned as many players as I could get to stick around for a few minutes.

Since baseball season has just begun, what would be more appropriate to ask than the simple question known by all Detroit Tigers fans?

The question: Who’s your Tiger?


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Cam Fowler, 2010 NHL Draft #3 pick

By: Sam Schmitt

I did my localization story about the 2010 NHL Draft with a focus on 17-year-old Cam Fowler.

Fowler and I went to middle school together and spent one year at the same high school before he moved to Ann Arbor to play in the U.S. National Development Program for Team USA. For this reason, this story was extremely interesting and really fun to write.

I got to speak with a young man who has been invited to the 2010 NHL Draft. It was intriguing to listen to Fowler talk about his life and how he got as far as he has.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy. Painful, really. Over the years he has broken a thumb and ankle, sustained a concussion and sprained his back.

Even throughout that, Fowler has managed to become the third overall draft pick. The Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightening all have their eyes on him.

Although Fowler is excited for the opportunity to play in the NHL, he is not completely looking forward to leaving Michigan because his friends and family are here.

Fowler is not one to jump into the spotlight. He is aware of his talent but doesn’t brag about it. He is a genuine, nice guy. Watch for him in the NHL this year!

I was unable to personally take photos of Cam, but here are a few I found.

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Facebook vs. Twitter, and Facebook wins

By: Sam Schmitt

How Facebook won the web

What first caught my eye was that this was about Facebook. Second thing was the article was written by Pete Cashmore, founder and writer of Mashable, which we talked about in class.

This week in London, England, Facebook has introduced a “like” button that will be available all around the Web. Clicking this button on a Web site will share the site with your friends on your Facebook.

Between Facebook and Twitter, Twitter has so far been unable to compete with Facebook’s massive number of users. Facebook: 400 million. Twitter: 100 million.

Facebook has even become a strong competitor against Google. Google’s search goes by interlinked Web pages. Facebook’s search is more personalized because it has a list of your friends and their interests, allowing it to know you on a personal level.

Google has tried to make a comeback by introducing Google Buzz, but so far they have failed.

The rate at which new technology is being introduced blows my mind. Google, which has been around for over a decade, seems to be on its way to being beaten by a social networking site that has been around for half the time.

I wonder if we will soon be saying, “Hang on. I’ll ‘Facebook’ it.”

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Fashion is pain?

A CNN article called Women risk snapped ligaments for shoe fashion shows just how far some women will go for beauty. Apparently hard economic times = ankle-breaking heels.

Why? Who knows.

Minds might be changed, though, if they heard that the constant pressure on the balls of your feet can cause those bones, called sesimoids, to break. The pressure on your feet also can cause problems in your knees and lower back. The article includes many more painful facts about wearing high heels, but I’ll let you read those yourself.

Considering that I already have issues with all of the above body parts named, I will continue to wear heels only when necessary… Or when everyone else is. They already have inches on me!

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Weekly Budget 4/20/10


By: Sam Schmitt

Big TenBig Ten representatives met in Washington, D.C., on Sunday to discuss the possibility of adding five more teams to the conference. Michigan State’s President Lou Anna K. Simon was at the meeting and is the chair of the Big Ten’s Council of Presidents/Chancellors which decided in December to continue looking into expanding the conference.

East LansingDurrell Summers and Kalin Lucas said Friday that they will be returning for their senior year instead of playing in the NBA. The last time two MSU basketball players turned down the NBA and chose to return to school, State won a national championship. That pair was Mateen Cleaves and Morris Peterson.

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Ian Fisher: American Soldier

By: Sam Schmitt

The Denver Post won the Pulitzer for Feature Photography with a multimedia collection called Ian Fisher: American Soldier. Craig F. Walker, a photojournalist at the Denver Post, documented Ian Fisher through his journey in the army. From his senior year, Walker followed Fisher through graduation, basic training, his first assignment and one year in Iraq.

Walker took photographs, video footage and reported on Fisher’s day-to-day life. In the beginning, Fisher had problems adjusting to his life in the army, but he soon learned the consequences of slacking off.

Walker did an incredible job capturing even the smallest moments and tells the story in such an attention-grabbing way. I wouldn’t be able to do the collection justice by attempting to describe it; you need to see for yourself.

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Communication is no longer personal

By: Sam Schmitt

I was searching through news sites trying to find a funny, entertaining article to read. It was a lot harder than it sounds. First, I clicked the “latest headlines” drop down on my Firefox bookmarks. After I read a few headlines (China sifts rubble for survivors, Iran needs ‘six years for bomb’, At least 100 dead in India storm) I knew I was going to have to try a different approach.

I found an article about Touch-Tones answering company calls. Ron Dzwonkowski made it extremely entertaining. He tells a story about a recent interaction he had with a Touch-Tone service. His car stalled, and he tried to call for a tow truck. As luck would have it, an automated voice answered instead of a real person. The way he describes the event actually made me laugh out loud.

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