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Getting Ready For Graduation

EAST LANSING- Looking for a reason to give your mind, body and spirit a makeover? GRADUATION is the perfect excuse!

For many MSU students, Douglas J on Grand River is the place to hit before the big day. You’re going to be in the spotlight crossing a stage to get your diploma in front of a thousand plus people; why not look your best?

Typically, Douglas J gets 75-80 appointments on an average day, but when the month of May starts looming and the smell of graduation is in the air, they get upwards of 120 appointments per day.

Students come from all parts of campus and East Lansing to get their hair cut, colored, curled or styled. They also come for massages, manicures and pedicures.

Yes, they get very busy, but everyone at Douglas J wants you to come and have a great time relaxing after finals!

Douglas J student and stylist Kristi Skinner enjoys the busy work schedules. “We get a chance to do updos, make-up, nails- the whole package. It’s stuff that we don’t usually get to do all at once, so it is kind of a vacation from just cutting and coloring hair everyday,” Skinner said.

Think salons are just for the ladies? According to Brandon Fitzgerald, Douglas J key holder, men come in just as frequent-if not more- than women, especially when graduation is approaching.

Why not get yourself looking good before you put on those robes and take the next big leap as a Spartan?

Getting Ready for Graduation


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Stabbings in Chinese Kindergarten Copycat Crime

This MSNBC story illuminates the sheer terror that any one would have felt hearing the screams of children from a place of education.

School is supposed to be a place where children can be safe – learn, play, eat, make friends…

At this Beijing elementary school however, a man entered, stabbing 28 children, two teachers and a security guard using an eight-inch blade.

It raises two issues in within global social norms.

Firstly, it’s been a central rallying point for those trying to show that guns are not the source of violence, and that instead people are.

Secondly, it’s another call for better care for mentally unstable individuals, as was the criminal that stabbed children at the school. Although the Westernized world has developed an arguably strong system for the mentally handicapped, some countries, including China, have been slower to catch on.

It’s not uncommon for those that are mentally unstable and left to take care of themselves to commit crimes like these. It’s not something they can often control and it’s the primary reason that better institutions need to be established for their care.

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Lions LB Follett Might be Insane

by Craig Ebinger

Ok, so I read this story and felt obligated to blog about.

by Associated Press

Detorit Lions linebacker Zack Follett is best known for a big hit he put on a Rams kick returner during last season, probably because other than that hit, nobody really knows who the guy is.  He played very little and mostly on special teams.

I guess because he’s expecting a bigger role on the team this year, due to the losses of linebackers Ernie Sims and Larry Foote, he wants to get his name out there.

After the NFL Draft, he was so excited about next season that he put his helmet on, went to a nearby Target and bought some tampons and Barbie Band-Aids for opposing players for when they entered Ford Field next season.  The whole story and video can be seen here.


Now that’s something.  A no-name, back-up linebacker and special-teamer had the nerve to do this.  As a Lions fan, all I can say is…


Finally, the Lions have someone who appears insane.  Every team needs that guy.  The guy who will go into the line, full force, and just blow someone up.  I really hope this guy gets some action this year.  He looks exciting to watch and definitely has the passion for the game.

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Beautiful weather video

By Samantha Scheltema

This video is mostly the plants around campus, but the voice-over is about the weather and how it is affecting students.

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Spartan Stampede

By Samantha Scheltema

The first video I made.

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Pretzel and Schnitzel’s Adoption Story



I wrote my localization article on how the economic recession and housing market decline have affected pet adoption rates in the Lansing area. One of the organizations that I contacted was the Capital Area Humane Society, an animal rescue group that has been working with animals in the Lansing area for 74 years.

Located on a grassy plot of land abutting a lake about 5 minutes west of the airport, CAHS shelters dogs, cats and the occasional rodent or two that are in need of a home. The organization’s focuses are to rehome unwanted animals, educate the public through various outreach programs and reduce the pet overpopulation problem by offering low-cost or free pet sterilization.

More than 600 registered volunteers and a staff of about 30 employees run the shelter under the guidance of a board of directors. The volunteers and staff work together to manage adoptions, keep the shelter clean and ensure that the animals are calm and well-cared-for while they wait for adoption.

CAHS takes in dozens of animals every week that are surrendered by owners who are unwilling or unable to care for them. The number of intake animals varies based on the amount of space the shelter has available. Since the shelter does not apply an adoption time limit to the animals it takes in, no animals are euthanized to make space for more incoming animals. CAHS only takes in as many animals as it has space for.

Megan Bono, an adoption counselor, feline trap-and-release program coordinator and floor supervisor who has worked for CAHS for two years spoke with me about how the shelter handles incoming animals. “At the time of surrender, they bring the animal in and it will basically go into a kennel where it will wait to be seen medically, behaviorally, and get spayed or neutered,” Bono said. Once the animal has passed the evaluation process and recovered from any medical work, the animal is placed on the adoption floor where it is available for adoption.

During my visit I was able to watch an adoption story in progress. Often the shelter sees abuse and neglect cases, and two small dogs in the first dog run in the kennel had been in just such a situation. The following slide show tells the story of two spunky little dachshunds who came through CAHS on their way to a better life.

– Laura Riess

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MSU Greenpeace

By: Allen Martin

The MSU Greenpeace organization is focused towards helping our environment, while placing an emphasis on climate change. The organization consists of about 20 students who fully believe in environmental preservation, especially when discussing

A few members of MSU Greenpeace

the MSU campus. The students have been known to push the envelop when it comes to their methods of action, but they get their point across quite well.

Greenpeace actually was so persistent in their efforts that they caught of the attention of MSU’s vice president for finance and operations and treasurer, Fred Poston. Greenpeace protested against the MSU coal plant on April 1st, dubbing the event “Fossil Fool’s Day.” At the conclusion of the event, Poston agreed to meet with the organization due to their request.

Poston and Greenpeace will be meeting later on this week to discuss the environmental effects of the coal plant on the community. Possible initiatives that can be enacted to make the university “greener” will also be deliberated. Greenpeace wants MSU to eventually become coal free and in order for the organization to be completely comfortable with the issue, Greenpeace wants to know exactly how long it will take for this to happen. We’ll just have to see how the meeting turns out.

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