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Arizona Immigration

Arizona’s done it.
They’ve passed the toughest immigration law in the country against the wishes of national and global leaders, including President Obama.
Sparked by drug wars in Michigan, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a law that will make it a crime to be in the state illegally and will allow polices to check “suspects” from immigration paperwork.
Many are concerned that the new legislation will cause a spiked rate of racial profiling. Brewer has dismissed these concerns and instead has held a bill signing ceremony.
A recent poll shows that 70 percent of voters in the state approve the measure even though 53 percent of those voters believe the bill violates civil rights.
It seems the law will be really difficult to enforce without law enforcement officials targeting Latinos and will definitely be a violation of civil rights. I’m definitely not a fan.
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Odd News 4/20/10

Snake-hittin’: SC man arrested after police say he hit motel guest in face with 4-foot python

PYTHON ASSAULT- The scene opens last Tuesday in a motel in Rock Hill, S.C.. One guest, Tony Smith, is confronted by another for playing loud music. They argue, and the other quest leaves. A few hours later, Smith goes to the other guests room and hits him in the face with a four-foot long Python. He gave the snake to family members just before being arrested for assault and battery. (Nick)

Happy National Velociraptor Awareness Day!

VELOCIRAPTOR AWARENESS DAY- So, April 18th was National Velociraptor Awareness Day. The holiday is sweet, but it is not recognized as a national, religious, or Hallmark holiday. It is more of a Facebook and other Web site holiday. It is a day to spread awareness of the threat that velociraptors pose to society. Nope, that’s it. End of story. (Nick)

GEORGE WASHINGTON AND OVERDUE BOOKS -New York City’s oldest library, The New York Society Library, found a ledger showing that George Washington (as in the president pictured on your one dollar bill) racked up 220 years of late fees on two books that he never returned.  One book was title, “Law of Nations.”  The books were due Nov. 2, 1789.  The head librarian, Mark Bartlett, said that they are not seeking any repayment of the fines, but would like to get the books back.  Wowsers!

By Patrice

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