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Honors College Pre-graduation Reception

By Patrice Hendrix

The MSU Honors College had their pre-graduation reception on Friday, May 7 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Breslin Center. Graduates, friends, and family members all turned out for the occassion. There was a disk jockey, refreshments, picture stations and a podium set up for speeches from some of the graduates, faculty, and staff of the Honors College. 

There was a station set up with two world maps.  On these maps students placed sticky notes on the places in the world they have been and the places in the world that they plan on going to when they graduate. 

I interviewed a few graduates who talked about their career or school plans for the future as well as their immediate plans for graduation night. Nicole McGowan, for instance, said she was going to do a fifth year of interning with the Detroit Public Schools system and take a year off from school.  Then she said she would continue on to get a masters degree in education.  She wants to be an elementary school teacher.  She said that her only plans for post-graduation night would be to get some much needed sleep.  She would graduate this evening with a bachelors in communications.

I also spoke with Mary Welsh over at the Kellogg Center.  She is the manager at the State Room restaurant.  She talked about how fast reservations are booked, with some already booked right now for 2011.  She said that people would not be able to eat at the State Room without reservations.  Everything is booked up due to graduation and Mother’s Day.  Here’s the video. Enjoy!



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Harry Potter Extravaganza

West Circle‘s second Harry Potter Extravaganza was Feb. 26, and I had the wonderful task of standing outside in the blizzard taking pictures and video of the die-hard fans who came to play Quidditch.

Michigan State students play Muggle Quidditch

A Quidditch Keeper defends his goal.

I know what you’re thinking: Quidditch is played flying around on broomsticks — how can anyone possibly play it on land?

Ah, the wonders of creativity and innovation.

I shared this confusion with Shalayla Howard, a member of Michigan State University’s Quidditch Club, and learned that there are two main differences between wizard Quidditch and Muggle (us non-magical folks) Quidditch. Muggles play it running around on land holding broomsticks (I suppose I could have figured that one out by opening my eyes and observing the 12 people running around a field in front of me), and the Golden Snitch is not a ball; it’s a person.

That’s what caught my attention. A person? How does that work?

The regular Quidditch match is confined to a field, but those boundaries are extended for the Snitch. The Snitch is able to run around a larger area, and the two Seekers have to catch him. Think of it as cross-country tag.

Not enough players showed up at West Circle’s match for there to be a Snitch, so they just ended the game when they got tired (usually, the game ends when one team catches the Snitch).

Was it worth standing outside in a blizzard? I’d say so.

For those of you who missed it:

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