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MSU Graduation

By: Brittany McCallum
May 6, 2010, was graduation day at Michigan State University. I went on a mission to find graduates and people preparing for the special event. It was harder than I thought. Not too many students were awake at 8:30 a.m. and most venues were not set up yet. I was able to find a couple people who played roles in the MSU graduation. In this video you will hear from a senior, Roland Morsee, a restaurant manager, Mary Welsh, and a restaurant server, Judy Parrish. They were all very excited for graduation day. Each one of these people had been looking forward to graduation day in a different way.


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Honors College Pre-graduation Reception

By Patrice Hendrix

The MSU Honors College had their pre-graduation reception on Friday, May 7 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Breslin Center. Graduates, friends, and family members all turned out for the occassion. There was a disk jockey, refreshments, picture stations and a podium set up for speeches from some of the graduates, faculty, and staff of the Honors College. 

There was a station set up with two world maps.  On these maps students placed sticky notes on the places in the world they have been and the places in the world that they plan on going to when they graduate. 

I interviewed a few graduates who talked about their career or school plans for the future as well as their immediate plans for graduation night. Nicole McGowan, for instance, said she was going to do a fifth year of interning with the Detroit Public Schools system and take a year off from school.  Then she said she would continue on to get a masters degree in education.  She wants to be an elementary school teacher.  She said that her only plans for post-graduation night would be to get some much needed sleep.  She would graduate this evening with a bachelors in communications.

I also spoke with Mary Welsh over at the Kellogg Center.  She is the manager at the State Room restaurant.  She talked about how fast reservations are booked, with some already booked right now for 2011.  She said that people would not be able to eat at the State Room without reservations.  Everything is booked up due to graduation and Mother’s Day.  Here’s the video. Enjoy!


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Getting Ready For Graduation

EAST LANSING- Looking for a reason to give your mind, body and spirit a makeover? GRADUATION is the perfect excuse!

For many MSU students, Douglas J on Grand River is the place to hit before the big day. You’re going to be in the spotlight crossing a stage to get your diploma in front of a thousand plus people; why not look your best?

Typically, Douglas J gets 75-80 appointments on an average day, but when the month of May starts looming and the smell of graduation is in the air, they get upwards of 120 appointments per day.

Students come from all parts of campus and East Lansing to get their hair cut, colored, curled or styled. They also come for massages, manicures and pedicures.

Yes, they get very busy, but everyone at Douglas J wants you to come and have a great time relaxing after finals!

Douglas J student and stylist Kristi Skinner enjoys the busy work schedules. “We get a chance to do updos, make-up, nails- the whole package. It’s stuff that we don’t usually get to do all at once, so it is kind of a vacation from just cutting and coloring hair everyday,” Skinner said.

Think salons are just for the ladies? According to Brandon Fitzgerald, Douglas J key holder, men come in just as frequent-if not more- than women, especially when graduation is approaching.

Why not get yourself looking good before you put on those robes and take the next big leap as a Spartan?

Getting Ready for Graduation

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Beautiful weather video

By Samantha Scheltema

This video is mostly the plants around campus, but the voice-over is about the weather and how it is affecting students.

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Spartan Stampede

By Samantha Scheltema

The first video I made.

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Alternative Spring Break

For one of my multimedia projects I did a picture slideshow of an alternative spring break trip to Kentucky. The groups main focus was to remove invasive species from the area.

by Ansley Prior

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MSU Greenpeace

By: Allen Martin

The MSU Greenpeace organization is focused towards helping our environment, while placing an emphasis on climate change. The organization consists of about 20 students who fully believe in environmental preservation, especially when discussing

A few members of MSU Greenpeace

the MSU campus. The students have been known to push the envelop when it comes to their methods of action, but they get their point across quite well.

Greenpeace actually was so persistent in their efforts that they caught of the attention of MSU’s vice president for finance and operations and treasurer, Fred Poston. Greenpeace protested against the MSU coal plant on April 1st, dubbing the event “Fossil Fool’s Day.” At the conclusion of the event, Poston agreed to meet with the organization due to their request.

Poston and Greenpeace will be meeting later on this week to discuss the environmental effects of the coal plant on the community. Possible initiatives that can be enacted to make the university “greener” will also be deliberated. Greenpeace wants MSU to eventually become coal free and in order for the organization to be completely comfortable with the issue, Greenpeace wants to know exactly how long it will take for this to happen. We’ll just have to see how the meeting turns out.

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