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Pulitzer Prize – Getting into the “MM” of things

Sheri Fink of ProPublica worked in conjunction with The New York Times Magazine to win a Pulitzer in investigative reporting, and as any in-depth reporting piece should do in this age of journalism, the genius of this piece transcends the brilliant writing of the story.

Written in late August of 2008, Fink’s piece tells the story of medical personnel having to make tough decisions in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and defending those decision afterward. For example, one physician made the decision to inject some patients with lethal doses of certain drugs to ease patients’ pain.

Multimedia of the piece, however, it what makes it come to life. A video interview, interactive timeline, interactive graphic and other images help to tell the story in a way that just words alone could not do as efficiently.

Fink also did an amazing job of writing supplemental pieces to add to the story that didn’t necessarily fit in with the main storyline. It’ll take you an hour to get through all of the content, but it’s really, truly worth the time.


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