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Construction Tweets

Tweets from the scene of the crime construction

MSUPhysPlant MSU breaks ground on plant science expansion: http://bit.ly/b0uq5u #MSU #msuconstruction Saturday

MSUPhysPlant First coat on ‘The Rock’ in preparation for tomorrow’s Construction Awareness Day. It’s cold out here. #msuconstruction Monday

Happy Construction Awareness Day! Meet us @ the Rock, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Get a free t-shirt and your picture taken with Captain Construction! 9:00

annie__perry Free tshirts and magnets! 10:45

Saucy_Scribe Morrill Hall construction will begin in May of this year. English and History departments will move to Wells Hall #msuconstruction 10:53


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Facebook vs. Twitter, and Facebook wins

By: Sam Schmitt

How Facebook won the web

What first caught my eye was that this was about Facebook. Second thing was the article was written by Pete Cashmore, founder and writer of Mashable, which we talked about in class.

This week in London, England, Facebook has introduced a “like” button that will be available all around the Web. Clicking this button on a Web site will share the site with your friends on your Facebook.

Between Facebook and Twitter, Twitter has so far been unable to compete with Facebook’s massive number of users. Facebook: 400 million. Twitter: 100 million.

Facebook has even become a strong competitor against Google. Google’s search goes by interlinked Web pages. Facebook’s search is more personalized because it has a list of your friends and their interests, allowing it to know you on a personal level.

Google has tried to make a comeback by introducing Google Buzz, but so far they have failed.

The rate at which new technology is being introduced blows my mind. Google, which has been around for over a decade, seems to be on its way to being beaten by a social networking site that has been around for half the time.

I wonder if we will soon be saying, “Hang on. I’ll ‘Facebook’ it.”

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Technology/Health Budget

Tweeter with Fees

Twitter is now trying to make money by allowing people to bid on key words to give their post top rankings. It will be called TweetUp and it will be reveled next Monday by Bill Gross, “the serial entrepreneur who pioneered search advertising.” What will happen is people will be able to bid on a word or phrase, like iTouch, with the bids beginning at 1 cent and people will have to pay each time their profile or a post shows up in a search.

Microsoft Now Making Phones

The two phones, Kin One and Kin Two, are going to allow users to get easy connection with websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Instead of having traditional menus they will consist of photos from friends with notes saying what they are doing. The phones are suppose to come out in May and will be sold by Verizon Wireless.

-Dana Casadei

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There’s a First Time for Everything

Or at least that’s what they say, but I never expected what happened to me Thursday morning.

So I’m sitting in class, messing around on Facebook in the few minutes before Nancy usually started. I make some small talk with my classmates, everyone’s stressing out about this grammar quiz coming up. I wasn’t too worried. Had I studied? Not really. Had I failed a grammar quiz yet? Nope.

The time reads 9:11, Nancy is nowhere to be seen. I’m not surprised. She lives out near me, so I know how long of a drive it is, and I know how bad that traffic can be. I think nothing of it and take this opportunity to chat with my girlfriend on Facebook (I should have been studying for the grammar quiz, but whatever.)

9:20 rolls around, and she’s still not here. Sweet. I started packing up. I was ready to head on out. Of course, I’m not that lucky. Turns out Nancy had tweeted to us, first saying she’d be late and then giving us an actual assignment over some site called Audioboo.

This lead to a whole bunch of problems and a whole bunch of realizations.

Problem 1: I didn’t have my stenopad

Problem 2: I didn’t have a flip

Problem 3: I didn’t have a camera

I usually carry my stenopad, but I had left it on my desk, and I usually borrow the cameras from a friend when I go out to cover a story, because I don’t have cameras of my own yet. Seeing as the assignment was to find and interview someone about their plans for spring break, and to get them on camera, I was in trouble.

The situation also made me think. Not of the power of twitter and of the internet, but of just how many students could be potentially ticked off in the future due to this technology. Students wait in painful anticipation for their professors not to shot up. If the class was supposed to start 3 minutes ago, and the professor is still not there, we get all excited. We place bets on if he or she is going to show up or not.

If professors start texting, facebooking, or tweeting students from their cars with links to homework assignments they can work on, or just telling them to “stay put” because they’re on their way, I know a lot of students who would be thoroughly ticked off. I also know a lot of students who would just up and leave after 15 minutes. I mean, could professors really do anything about it? That’s definitely something to look into.

By: Nick Bryant

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Hope was shattered with one little tweet…

By Samantha Scheltema

Yes, we had hope in the beginning of class on Thursday, February 25. Nancy was unusually late and we were hard at work studying for our AP quizzes that we were definitely not looking forward to. As the minutes ticked slowly by, we began thinking that maybe we could leave class and not have to worry about any quizzes or assignments for that day.

And then technology caught up with us. Nancy had Tweeted at 8:22 a.m. that she was stuck on I-96 and that she would keep us posted. We all groaned when we saw a new post at 9:09 a.m.: “Jr 200 students: Go to http://audioboo.fm/nhanus for your assignment. I’ll be there in about half hour. Someone respond you’ve seen this.” Yes, our tech-savvy teacher gave us an assignment while she was driving (tsk, tsk Nancy!).

There was a few problems with the assignment, though. We were unprepared for an interview involving our cameras (none of us brought them in) and there were no students available in the hallways. It was a dilemma that had us hoping, once again, that we could just study for our quiz until she got there. We ended up using the rest of her late time Tweeting back and forth on who we could possibly interview and then coming up with something new to blog about: “We can talk about how Twitter and other multimedia has changed education and made this possible and how other students would have responded–would they leave because of the alleged 15-minute rule?”

This then became our final assignment. In the end, we still had our AP quiz. We learned through this experience about always being prepared (having our cameras with us at all times) and about how technology is makes it okay for teachers to be late sometimes (when they are annoyingly tech-savvy, love ya Nancy!).

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Course of Events – The Ripple Effect

8 a.m. My alarm rings and I’m off. In the shower, getting together homework and books, grabbing a bagel from the caf and trudging to my 3-hour journalism class, I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary.
Finding out that Nancy was late wasn’t a surprise, especially with the newly fallen snow. (Thanks Michigan.)
A semi-truck had gotten into some kind of accident on I-96. Jack-knifed, I believe…
It was all irrelevant. Class was sure to be canceled…until we received the Tweet.

“Jr 200 students: Go to http://audioboo.fm/nhanus for your assignment. I’ll be there in about half hour. Someone respond you’ve seen this.”

An assignment. And just like that all of our hopes and dreams of naps and canceled classes seemed so far away. The class was thrown into a frenzy – what should we do?
Although I did marvel at the wonders of technology and the possible dangers of tweeting while driving, another thought occurred to me.
An accident involving a semi-truck resulted in our very own “great tweetup of spring 2010” and changed the course of my entire day as well as the days of each of my peers.
Which has me wondering…what else happened as a result of that accident?
Surely we weren’t the only ones affected and surely as a result of the accident much more serious consequences were to be had. It all depends on the individual.
The ripple effect is a fantastic thing to ponder.
There was a small blizzard which caused an accident. This created heavy traffic on I-96 which caused many people to be late for work, events, school.
The possibilities are endless. Just imagine.

By: Lauren McKown

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Just my luck…I have the most tech-savvy professor at MSU

I have told this story 1,000 times..but here we go again.

I woke up early Thursday morning, to get some extra studying in before my Grammar Style Quiz in JRN 200. After a little cram reading of the AP Style guide I layered up my clothing and bundled up before I headed out to what I call a “blizzard”. By the way, I’m not from Michigan, so anytime we get snow, I call it a blizzard.

Class seemed normal. My professor was running late as usual. Which is totally understandable because she travels nearly 80miles to get to MSU. Five minutes turned into ten. By this time, my class was ready to walk out. See, in college, students obey by an unwritten 15 minute rule. It states that if your professor does not show up to class within the first 15 minutes..students are free to leave.

While most of the class is studying for the quiz, one student checks his Twitter. He is shocked to find our professor has Tweeted to the class. She let us know via Twitter that she was stuck in stand still traffic on Highway 96. She informed us that she was on her way and told us not to leave.

She then Tweeted again!!! This time she posted a link to a site called audiboo. Through audiboo, my professor recorded a voice recording of her giving us an assignment. I’m pretty sure she recorded it with her iPhone.

This was amazing to me!!! I was stunned to see my professor use so much technology to communicate with her students. I think it was really cool..even though I desperately wanted to leave at the 15 minute mark.

The Detroit News picked up on my professor’s Tweets and they Retweeted her assignment on audioboo. Her Tweets were for her JRN 200 class to read…I doubt she paid attention to everyone else who was able to read them.Through social networking sites, you can contact 1,000’s of people in only seconds! That’s a good reminder to always be careful what you say on the internet.

The advancements in technology are great!

By: Brittany McCallum

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