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Lions LB Follett Might be Insane

by Craig Ebinger

Ok, so I read this story and felt obligated to blog about.

by Associated Press

Detorit Lions linebacker Zack Follett is best known for a big hit he put on a Rams kick returner during last season, probably because other than that hit, nobody really knows who the guy is.  He played very little and mostly on special teams.

I guess because he’s expecting a bigger role on the team this year, due to the losses of linebackers Ernie Sims and Larry Foote, he wants to get his name out there.

After the NFL Draft, he was so excited about next season that he put his helmet on, went to a nearby Target and bought some tampons and Barbie Band-Aids for opposing players for when they entered Ford Field next season.  The whole story and video can be seen here.


Now that’s something.  A no-name, back-up linebacker and special-teamer had the nerve to do this.  As a Lions fan, all I can say is…


Finally, the Lions have someone who appears insane.  Every team needs that guy.  The guy who will go into the line, full force, and just blow someone up.  I really hope this guy gets some action this year.  He looks exciting to watch and definitely has the passion for the game.


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